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DIY Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer EOS Lip-Balm

Hello everyone, this is another one of my DIY's in my EOS Series! Because only 6 more days of Christmas, and it's the 3nd day of Hanukkah, this cute Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer EOS is so amazing and perfect for the holidays! Let's get started!
What you'll need:
-Red Summer Fruit EOS
-Styrofoam block (There should be this paper substance covering each side with Styrofoam in the middle)
-Hot Glue or Glue Stick
-Craft Knife

1. Print out this PDF Outline for the reindeer! Thank you so much Vanessa for the great idea!
2. Cut the Styrofoam block so it is the same size as the printout
3. Glue the reindeer outline printout onto the Styrofoam sheet and smooth it down so there isn't any bubbles
4. Using the craft knife, (PLEASE BE CAREFUL!) cut out the red nose while cutting out a little chunk of the styrofoam with it.
5. Put the eos in the cut-out hole! It should rest perfectly in there, but it might fall out if you didn't cut deep enough into the styrofoam!

DIY Snowman Donuts!

Hello! Can you believe it's already December 13th?! There's less than a month until 2015! Anyways, here is a quick, YUMMY DIY! It's Snowman Donuts! They are SO cute, and super super super delicious! So anyways, let's start this DIY!


Hostess Mini DonutsOrange Mike and Ikes (You can just get the green packaged Mike and Ikes, just pick out the orange ones)6 chocolate chips for each Snowman Donut Steps: Rest a mini donut on a platePut an orange Mike and Ike through the donut hole, the wider part inside the donut and the smaller part out of the donut (SEE PICTURE)Put 2 chocolate chips for the eyes and 4 for the mouth.YOU'RE DONE! If you want multiple Snowman Donuts, do the Steps for how many donuts you have!
I hope you enjoyed this DIY! It's not sponsored! Enjoy these yummy treats and have happy holidays! Stay tuned for the next DIY!
~DIY With Madi

DIY 3D Paper Snowflakes!

Happy December everyone! Today's DIY is how to make these super cute and decorative 3D Paper Snowflakes! These are perfect for the holidays because they're not religious! Plus, they don't necessarily need to be for the holidays- they can just be a yearly thing!

What you'll need:
-2 pieces of regular sized sheets of paper
-A printer
-Hole Puncher

1. Print out this PDF File twice (It makes the whole process a LOT easier than doing it without a template...)
2. Use your scissors and cut out the squares. We only need six of the squares to make one snowflake, so you can discard the extra two, or save them for another snowflake.
3. Fold each square diagonally.
4. Cut on the lines of each diagonally-folded square piece of paper.
5. Unfold everything. It should look like this:

6. Fold the inner cuts and tape it like this:

7. Turn the paper over and tape the second set of cuts together like so:

8. Turn the paper over again and tape it until …

DIY Christmas Tree Nails using TAPE!

Have a party to go to but need a quick but cute nail design to put on your nails? It's almost Christmas (Exactly ONE month since today is Nov. 25th!) and these amazing Christmas Tree nails will brighten your Holiday Spirit! I love the procedure of these nails because we use tape! Before I keep talking for too long, lemme show you how to do these fantabulous nails. DISCLAIMER: It's perfectly OKAY if you don't celebrate Christmas! I will do more holiday posts in the feature that don't involve religious holidays.

What You'll Need:
-2 Nail Polishes of different HOLIDAY colors (Red, White, Green, Gold, or Silver)

How To Achieve These Christmas-Tree Nails:

1. Paint your nails with your first nail polish. Wait for it to dry, and do a second coat. Wait for that to COMPLETELY DRY! See Picture Step 1.
2. Cut two strips of tape and place them on your nails. See Picture Steps 2 and 3.
3. Cut some tape in sharp edged pieces. If you make them into diamonds, it h…

DIY Lipstick Lip Picture-Art

Heyyyyyyy YOU! Today I'm going to show you how to make this really cute DIY Lip Picture-Art Picture! And the best part is that it turns out the way YOU want it!

All you'll need is:

-3 colored lipsticks of your choice
-A piece of white card-stock (a little thicker than paper but not as thick as cardboard)
-A photo frame... but if you use Green, Black, or Blue lipsticks, use a black frame.

1. Open a tube of one of the lipsticks and apply it to your lips.
2. Kiss the paper (Some with puckers and some natural ) until you are satisfied.
3. Wash off the left over lipstick on your lips.
4. Go back and do steps 1-3 with a different lipstick until the picture is to your liking!
5. Let the picture dry for 2 hours
6. Put the cardstock picture in the frame and hang it up in your room!!!

Tips for a better Lip Photo-Art Picture:

Overlap the lip kisses for a more artsy lookUse three colors of the same color group (ex: pink, purple, red) so you can ombre the art!
I hope you enjoyed thi…

#HalloweenWithMadi - DIY (Cute) Where's Waldo Halloween Costume!

Hey Ya'll! It's October which means it's time for my series #HalloweenWithMadi! Today I'm going to show you a quick, running-late Halloween DIY costume! It's (a Cute Version ☺) Where's Waldo! I've loved trying to find Waldo in the books since I was a young girl, so this is a really fun costume for me to show you!

For this costume, all you'll need to have is:

-A Red and White striped Tank top (Use a T-Shirt if Halloween is cold where you live)
-Dark Blue Shorts (Use jeans if Halloween is cold where you live)
-Red and White striped beanie
-Any comfortable shoes (try to go for Oxfords. They're the nerdiest :))
-Nerd Glasses

Just put on the nerd glasses, the beanie, tuck the tank top/shirt into the shorts/jeans, and put on your shoes.

This DIY was SO easy! Hahahaaa lol. I hope you enjoyed this DIY Halloween Costume! What do you wanna see next? Leave your ideas in the comments below!


DIY With Madi (EOS SERIES) - Halloween With Madi - 3 Halloween Inspired EOS sphere!

Hey to all my DIY EOS Lipbalm fans! Today's post is starting my Halloween DIY's, but also continuing my DWM EOS series! Today I'm gonna show you how to make your EOS turn into a pumpkin, a mummy, and a Black Cat! NOTE THAT ALL OF THESE WERE MY IDEAS! IF YOU WANT TO USE MY IDEAS PLEASE CREDIT ME!
1. Halloween Pumpkin EOS
What you'll need:
-Tangerine EOS Lipbalm
-Black Sharpie
-Green Sharpie


Using your black sharpie, outline two triangles for the pumpkins eyes on the Tangerine EOS Sphere. Space them evenly, and color them in. This should be on the top half of your EOS sphere.Outline a mouth for your pumpkin in black sharpie. Color it in.Use your green sharpie, and draw a small circle on the top of the EOS Sphere. Then draw connecting lines that swirl around your EOS. Add leaves too. this represents the stem! -- 2. Mummy EOS What you'll need: -Vanilla Bean EOS Lipbalm -Black Sharpie -Small Googlie Eyes -Glue Gun
STEPS: Use your black sharpie, and lightly outline …

DIY Blended EOS!


Most of my views on this blog is my DIY EOS Lipbalm, so I decided to do another EOS DIY! Maybe you have 2 EOS that you adore, but don't have enough room for in a purse or backpack? Have you ever thought about.... combining the scents/flavors?! I don't have any pictures for this DIY to show you because THIS DIY WAS COMPLETELY MY IDEA (also I didn't have a camera to to take pictures with...)

All you need is:
-2 EOS lipbalms
-A Small Microwavable bowl
-A Microwave
-Plastic Wrap
-OPTIONAL: A match, lighter, etc.
-OPTIONAL: Vaseline

1. Before anything, twist one of the EOS caps/tops (whateva you wanna call them) and line the plastic wrap in the cap/top so when you pour the lipbalm, it takes the EOS shape!
2. So after you open both EOS spheres, use the knife to slice off the rounded top of the balm
3. Put them in the small bowl together, and put in microwave for as long until they're melte…

DIY Simple, Easy, and Edgy Slashed Leggings

Hey DIY-ers! So it's August (oh my GOD) and school is starting soon. If you aren't going major back to school shopping, but want to keep your cool with the clothes you wear, I have the perfect DIY for you! It's the DIY Slashed Leggings! This look totally revamps your style, and gives it an edgy look. It also looks good with girly dresses and combat boots, so keep that in mind! :)

You only need 2 things!
-Fabric Scissors (these are sharper than plain scissors...)
-A pair of leggings you want to style up and don't mind being cut

For the most common look:
1. Lay your leggings flat on a clean flat surface
2. Use your scissors to cut the outside sides of each leg of the leggings. The smaller the spaces between each slash lets your fabric cinch up a bit giving it a more edgy and sexier look. (See pic #1 for bad job; #2 for good) If you cut the strips REALLY close together leaving a small amount of fabric in between each slash, it will start to sort of curve, and not be as str…

DIY French Macarons!

Hey my sweet-tooth readers! Today's DIY is How to make French Macarons! These are sooo good and perfect for a late night snack. :-)

you will need:
~Nilla Wafers (2 for each Macaron)
~Buttermilk Frosting
~Small Ziplock bag

How to Make French macarons:
1. Put the Buttermilk Frosting in the Small Ziplock bag
2. Seal the bag!
3. Use your scissors and make a small cut on the corner of the bag.
4. In a spiral motion, frost one nilla wafer
5. Finally, place the other nilla wafer on top of the frosting!

**For the example picture shown above, coat the frosting with sprinkles!

YOU'RE DONE! These taste SO good and are perfect to share with your friends, or maybe hand out as favors.
Alternative Ways:
-In the summer, use ice Cream. ☺
-For a more healthy snack (though not as sweet), put a thin banana slice with a little bit of peanut butter in between 2 nilla wafers.

DIY Ombre Nail Art Tool!

Okay girls, we all love painting our nails sometimes, am I correct? Though when we see designs such as polka dots or that amazing ombre effect, its hard to do it with the brush the nail polish comes with! Today I show you a DIY Ombre Nail Art Tool!

This DIY nail art tool is perfect if you want ombre nails, but don't want to spend too much money!
1. Buy a bottle of white out
2. You can either use up the white out so it's not to go to waste, or just take the brush and throw away the white out bottle. (did that make sense?)
3. Wipe the white out from the brush with a paper towel, and water it a little bit so that there isn't any white out left on the brush

You have your Ombre brush! Wasn't this easy?! See, you could do it with a makeup sponge, but those come in packs that actually cost a lot! White out only costs $1!  What would you rather buy?

Well, I hope you liked this DIY! I've tried the ombre effect with each tool, and I thought the DIY'd tool worked better si…


Everyone has been asking me what's a tumblr room? how do I get one? Tumblr Rooms are rooms obviously really popular on Tumblr, and are makeovers for your room to make them feel more cozy and Tumblr-ish. I'm going to give you 2 different DIY's you can do to make your room a Tumblr Room!


Almost all the tumblr bedrooms you see are famous for their glowing lights! To make these super cute latern strand of lights, all you'll need is

Amount of Clear Plastic Cups as there is lights Christmas LightsSharp Knife (ASK AN ADULT FOR HELP!)And last but not least, you guys know how much I love my Washi tape! 1. cover each plastic cup with washi tape but not inside! you can do it on the base of the cup but as shown below in the pic, I didn't. 2. Make a slit with your knife small enough for your Christmas light bulbs to go in but not come out  3. Put all the lights inside the cups! 4. Hang it over your bed or over a poster! You're done!


DIY Arizona Can Phone Case!

This is so perfect for spring and summer and it's a good excuse to drink the lovely and yummy Arizona Drink! It's my Arizona Phone Case! I hope you guys like this tutorial! ♥ -Madi

-Plain, unused, Phone Case
-Nail File
-Super Glue

1. Cut off the top and bottom of the Arizona Can with the knife. BE CAREFUL AND ASK AN ADULT FOR HELP! THE CAN IS ROUND SO THE KNIFE CAN SLIP!
2. Cut length wise of the can (that is now a tube) It should be a full rectangle now if you unfold it
3. Cut out the Arizona logo into whatever shape your phone case is
4. Cut out a spot where your camera lense is!
4. Use the nail file and soften the sharp edges of the Arizona shape
5. Glue it onto your phone case with the super glue.


DIY Bandeau! (NO SEW!)

It's almost summer and this is the time where Bandeau's come into fashion! You can wear them under flowy shirts, or by themselves.

All you will need is
-A Strapless Cropped Tube Top that has built in shape with it
-One FT. Long of A Colorful Piece of Ribbon

1. Take the ribbon and slide it under the middle of the tube top
2. Keep wrapping the ribbon around the middle of the bandeau until the ribbon runs out.
3. Tie the ends together. If the ends are shown in the front, shift them so they aren't visible by pulling them to the inside
4. Test out the bandeau. Is it comfortable? To your liking? Stylish?
Happy Summer! ~Madi

DIY Nerd Glasses!

Heyyyyyy Girls. Sorry to not be writing... I'm so busy these days! Have you all seen Divergent?! I loved the movie! If you haven't, go to the movie theater and watch it in 3D. You'll need the 3D glasses for this DIY!

1. Go watch 3D Divergent and keep the glasses ☺☺☺
2. Pop the frames out
3. Get some Washi tape from your local craft store 
4. Tape the middle of the glasses with your washi tape
5. YOU ARE DONE! I hope you liked this DIY! Comment down below and tell me your favorite part of Divergent!!