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DIY Frayed Denim Shorts

Hey DIYers, it's summer right now, which means you're probably going summer shopping.... a LOT! Today's DIY should save you a few bucks on your summer haul, because it is DIY Frayed Denim Shorts! These are so easy, and are in style right now, so let's get started!

What you'll need:
- A pair of jeans that you like from the thrift shop! (You can get jeans as low as $3 from Plato's closet!)
- Fabric Scissors (not regular scissors!)
- Tweezers
- Sharpie

1. After washing the jeans. put on the jeans.
2. Using the sharpie, make a mark on the jeans where you want to cut them. Please remember: it's better to cut the jeans too long than too short!
3. Take the jeans off!
4. Using the fabric scissors, cut the jeans where you made the mark!
5. Now, using the tweezers, gently pick at the ends of the jeans. Little denim stringy things should start to show!
6. Continue pulling the denim strings (but don't pull them out; leave them connected to the jeans) to your…