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List of Accomplishments

Hey everybody, it's Madi from DIY With Madi. Today's post is not a DIY, but a list of accomplishments this blog has accomplished so far in 3 years! (This blog first launched in 2013.)

1. This blog has gotten 16k+ views.
2. The most viewed post on this blog is a DIY EOS Lip Balm post, posted in 2013, titled "Make your own EOS lip balm!". It has 6,399 views.
3. In 2015, I've made 25 DIY posts, not including this one.
4. Most of the blog's views are from the USA, but coming in at second place is Australia, and coming in at third place is Russia.
5. My most common traffic source (how people find my blog) is
6. My DIYs have been found on Pinterest, beadandcord, as well as other sites.
7. The most viewed page tab is "FASHION DIY's". It has 312 views.
8. My first post was posted on 8/12/13, titled "'Bow-Tie in the back' Shirt". It currently has 307 views.
9. The saying I created for my blog when it launched was "DIY w…

DIY Snowman EOS!

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a happy December so far. Today's DIY is a DIY in my EOS Series! (Click HERE to see all of my other EOS DIYs!) a DIY Snowman EOS! (I know I already did a Snowman DIY this month, but I hope you don't mind!)

What you'll need:
- Orange EOS
- Craft knife
- -Styrofoam block (There should be this paper substance covering each side with Styrofoam in the middle)
-Hot Glue or Glue Stick
- THIS snowman holiday card

1. Print out the snowman holiday card.
2. Cut the Styrofoam block so it is the same size as the printout
3. Glue the reindeer outline printout onto the Styrofoam sheet and smooth it down so there isn't any bubbles
4. Using the craft knife, (PLEASE BE CAREFUL!) cut out the orange nose while cutting out a little chunk of the styrofoam with it.
5. Put the eos in the cut-out hole! It should rest perfectly in there, but it might fall out if you didn't cut deep enough into the styrofoam!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Please stay …

DIY Starbucks Christmas Tree Ornament!

Hey DIYers,
Today's DIY is a DIY Starbucks Christmas Tree Ornament! This Christmas Tree Ornament is perfect for anyone who loves Starbucks, and coffee.

What you'll need:
- Coffee Beans
- Clear Christmas Ball Ornament (Top must be able to come off!)
- Green sparkly stickers or green glitter glue
- Green ribbon
- Paper & Printer
- Hot glue + hot glue gun

1. Print out the Starbucks logo on a piece of paper, and cut it out.
2. Screw off the top of the clear Christmas Ball Ornament.
3. Fill it a little bit with coffee beans! (yummmmm)
4. Lightly fold the logo like a taco, and slip it inside the ornament. It should unfold as soon as it is in the ball.
5. Screw the top back on
6. Decorate the ball with green sparkly stickers or green glitter glue.
7. Hot glue a green ribbon onto the top.
8. Glue a ribbon loop to the top of the ornament so it can hang off a Christmas tree branch!

You're Done!
I hope you enjoyed this DIY Starbucks Christmas Tree Ornament. Stay tuned for …

DIY Snowman LightBulb Ornaments

Hello DIYers! It's December, which means Christmas is coming! Of course you'll need some new ornaments for your Christmas tree, so today's DIY is perfect for you! It's DIY Snowman LightBulb Ornaments! Let's get started!

What you'll need:
-White lightbulb
-Glue Stick
-Small twigs (from a tree)
-White glitter
-Black glue
-Orange glue
-Hot glue gun

1. Coat the lightbulb in the glue from the glue stick
2. Sprinkle the white glitter all over the lightbulb. (This is best to do outside- glitter is very messy!)
3.Carefully glue the twigs arms on the sides of the lightbulb with the hot glue gun
4. Use the black glue to make eyes, a smile, and buttons
5. Use the orange glue to make a triangle carrot nose!
6. Tie twine around silver part of the lightbulb. Hot glue in place for more support.
7. Let dry for 24 hours

You're done!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you do this DIY, send me your creations by commenting the links to the pictures down below!

-DIY …