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Showing posts from January 4, 2015

DIY Glitter Popcorn Party Favors

Hi everyone! How was your New Years? Mine was pretty boring, haha. Today's DIY is GLITTER POPCORN that you can give out as Party Favors! Yum! I already did DIY Carmel Popcorn so I wanted to do some more popcorn DIY's since popcorn is my favorite snack. If you were wondering, the glitter is edible, and makes the popcorn a little less-plain. Butter and Salt on popcorn is good but very unhealthy, so this is a perfect alternative. Anyways... Let's get started!

What you'll need:
-Already made popcorn
-A big bowl
-Edible Glitter (You can buy some HERE or get it at your local craft store)
-A spray bottle with water in it than does misty sprays
-Cute little Party-Favor Bags (Okay fine, it doesn't have to be cute, but a plain brown bag isn't very exciting...)
-A Spoon

1. Put your already made popcorn in the big bowl
2. Lightly spray the popcorn with the water in the water bottle!
3. Take a little bit of the edible glitter and sprinkle it on the popcorn! The water…