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DIY French Macarons!

Hey my sweet-tooth readers! Today's DIY is How to make French Macarons! These are sooo good and perfect for a late night snack. :-)

you will need:
~Nilla Wafers (2 for each Macaron)
~Buttermilk Frosting
~Small Ziplock bag

How to Make French macarons:
1. Put the Buttermilk Frosting in the Small Ziplock bag
2. Seal the bag!
3. Use your scissors and make a small cut on the corner of the bag.
4. In a spiral motion, frost one nilla wafer
5. Finally, place the other nilla wafer on top of the frosting!

**For the example picture shown above, coat the frosting with sprinkles!

YOU'RE DONE! These taste SO good and are perfect to share with your friends, or maybe hand out as favors.
Alternative Ways:
-In the summer, use ice Cream. ☺
-For a more healthy snack (though not as sweet), put a thin banana slice with a little bit of peanut butter in between 2 nilla wafers.