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DIY Snowman Donuts!

Hello! Can you believe it's already December 13th?! There's less than a month until 2015! Anyways, here is a quick, YUMMY DIY! It's Snowman Donuts! They are SO cute, and super super super delicious! So anyways, let's start this DIY!


Hostess Mini DonutsOrange Mike and Ikes (You can just get the green packaged Mike and Ikes, just pick out the orange ones)6 chocolate chips for each Snowman Donut Steps: Rest a mini donut on a platePut an orange Mike and Ike through the donut hole, the wider part inside the donut and the smaller part out of the donut (SEE PICTURE)Put 2 chocolate chips for the eyes and 4 for the mouth.YOU'RE DONE! If you want multiple Snowman Donuts, do the Steps for how many donuts you have!
I hope you enjoyed this DIY! It's not sponsored! Enjoy these yummy treats and have happy holidays! Stay tuned for the next DIY!
~DIY With Madi