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DIY Milk Jug Halloween Ghosts

Hello DIYers!

Today's DIY is DIY Milk Jug Halloween Ghosts. These are so easy to make, but not the cheapest Halloween decorations you could make, but anyways, let's get started!

What you'll need:
1. Clearish/Whitish Milk Jug(s)
2. Black Sharpie
3. 3 battery-lit candles per jug
4. Sharp Knife

1. Draw ghost faces on the clear/whitish milk jug(s) with the black sharpie.
2. Make a small hole on the back of the jug with the knife (opposite side of the drawn-on face) WITH A PARENT'S SUPERVISION!
3. Turn on the fake candles, and slip them through the hole of the jug.
4. Put them outside on Halloween night!
5. After Halloween is over, don't forget to turn the candles off!

NOTE: To make the ghost decor look more colorful, put in a few glow sticks in the cartons instead of fake candles! This is DEFINITELY much cheaper, but does not look like the traditional ghost- the choice is up to you!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial! Have a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Halloween!
-DIY With …