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DIY Eraser USB Stick

Hi DIYers! Sorry for being MIA for so long! Anyways, because of Back-To-School season, I'm back with a DIY Eraser USB Stick! This is a funny way to disguise your USB, and it'll get your classmates thinking "Is that really an eraser in a computer?!" Let's get started!

You'll need:
- A small USB head (See picture below)

- An eraser
- Scissors

1. Using scissors, cut off the head of the eraser- this should be about 1/3 of the eraser.
2. Taking the exacto knife, cut out the center of both eraser parts. The USB base should be able to fit comfortably inside the 2/3 eraser half, and the head in the 1/3 eraser half.
3. Put the USB inside the eraser "hole".
4. Put the 1/3 eraser on the USB!

You're done!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial for a DIY Eraser USB Stick! Stay tuned for more DIYs coming soon!

-Madi from DIY With Madi
P.S. I'm sorry if my steps were confusing! If you look at th…