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DIY Doctor Who Notebook

Hey DIYers! Today's DIY is perfect for all of those Doctor Who fans! It's a DIY Doctor Who Notebook! This notebook is so a little bit hard to make, and a little bit time consuming, so let's get started before the sun goes down, shall we!

You will need:
- White notebook
- Print out the following pictures: (You may need to resize them to fit your notebook!)

- Cardboard that is a little bit smaller than the notebook.
- Spray paint
- Scissors (that can cut printer paper)
- Exacto Knife
- Pencil
- Glue!

1. Spray paint the notebook, and let it dry for a few hours.
2. Using the pencil, draw out the shape of the 3D overlay that you see in the picture below.
3. Use the exacto knife to cut on the cut marks.
4. Spray paint one side cardboard, including the sides (hopefully this makes sense) with the same spray paint we used for the notebook! Let it dry for a few hours.
5. Once the notebook and 3D overlay is fully dried, glue the non-painted side of the overlay to the notebook.