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DIY Gummy EOS!

Hey DIYers,

I haven't done an EOS DIY in my EOS Series in forever, so that is why today's DIY is a DIY Gummy EOS! This is so fun and easy, and you can trick your friends by eating your EOS!

What you'll need:
- An empty and washed EOS container
- 20 gummy bears of the same color! (I recommend Haribo!)
- A spoon
- A refrigerator!

1. Using your 20 gummy bears of the same color, melt them in a bowl in the microwave on ten second increments, while stirring them with a spoon in between. It is very easy to burn candy so be cautious if your microwave's volts are very strong.
2.  Pour some of the mixture into the lid of the EOS.
3. Place in the fridge for five minutes.
4. Reheat the gummy mixture
5. Pour it into the bottom of the EOS. You don't need to remove the crate for this step, and the gummy mixture should be covering it!
6. Quickly screw the lid onto the bottom.
7. Chill for ten minutes.
8. Gently unscrew the EOS!

You're done!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY o…