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DIY One Direction T-Shirt (CHEAP & EASY)

Hello Directioners! Today is your day because we are making a DIY One Direction T-Shirt! You can include all of the boys' names on the T-Shirt, or you can put just put your favorite one! Let's get started!

What you'll need:
- Plain T-Shirt
- Fabric Transfer Paper
- Paper
- Printer

1. On a Word Document, write "ExtraordinHARRY, BrilLIAM, PhenomeNIALL, AmaZAYN" and "FabuLOUIS." If you only want one of the names on the T-Shirt, then only type one!
2. Print the Word Document out on the Fabric Transfer Paper.
3. Cut off the excess transfer paper.
4. Flatten the T-Shirt, and place the Transfer where you want it to be.
5. Take the iron and iron the words onto the T-Shirt.
6. You're Done!

I hope everyone enjoyed this DIY! Do you have another Celeb you like? Comment down below!

~DIY With Madi