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DIY Color Coded Keys (2 ways!)

Hi DIYers, how's your 2016 been so far?! Mine's has been okay. :)

Today's DIY is 2 ways to color code your keys. Detecting which key goes to my house, my car, and my diary (hahaha) is really hard, so that's why color coding is the best option!

Here are the two ways you can color code your keys!

1. Nail polish
You can color code your keys by painting the tops of them (or the whole key if preferable) with nail polish! This is a fun way to color code because there are so many types of nail polish, like glitter, neon, matte, etc.

2. Tattoos!
You can color code your keys by... putting temporary tattoos on them? YES! You read that right. Get a small, square tattoo. Place it on the head of the key, (or the whole key if preferable), and place a warm-wet washcloth on the tattoo. Leave it there for a few minutes, and then take off the washcloth. Then, remove the tattoo paper. Clean up excess tattoo GENTLY, using a toothpick. (It's like doing water marble nail art.)

I hope yo…