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DIY Snowman EOS!

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a happy December so far. Today's DIY is a DIY in my EOS Series! (Click HERE to see all of my other EOS DIYs!) a DIY Snowman EOS! (I know I already did a Snowman DIY this month, but I hope you don't mind!)

What you'll need:
- Orange EOS
- Craft knife
- -Styrofoam block (There should be this paper substance covering each side with Styrofoam in the middle)
-Hot Glue or Glue Stick
- THIS snowman holiday card

1. Print out the snowman holiday card.
2. Cut the Styrofoam block so it is the same size as the printout
3. Glue the reindeer outline printout onto the Styrofoam sheet and smooth it down so there isn't any bubbles
4. Using the craft knife, (PLEASE BE CAREFUL!) cut out the orange nose while cutting out a little chunk of the styrofoam with it.
5. Put the eos in the cut-out hole! It should rest perfectly in there, but it might fall out if you didn't cut deep enough into the styrofoam!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Please stay …