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DIY Nail Polish

Hey DIYers! Sorry for not posting sooner! But hopefully today's awesome DIY will make up for that... :-)

Today's DIY is DIY Nail Polish! I often can't find a cheap nail polish color that I want, so this DIY is perfect for people like me, because you have unlimited number of colors you can make! Anyways, lets get started!

What you'll need:
- Clear Nail Polish (Like a Base or Top Coat!)
- Colored Eyeshadow
- Wooden Toothpick
- OPTIONAL: Glitter


1. Take the brush out of the clear nail polish, and place it aside on a paper towel.
2. Using the toothpick, scrape some of the colored eyeshadow into the clear nail polish.
3. Using the same toothpick, lightly blend the eyeshadow into the clear nail polish. (Tip: Bend a piece of paper to create a little slide to make this step easier.)
4. Put the brush back into the nail polish bottle.
5. Shake the nail polish until the color from the eyeshadow colors the clear nail polish.
6. OPTIONAL: Add small glitter pieces in the nail…