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Halloween DIY's!

Need last minute costume? Need last minute food ideas for your party? You've come to the right place!!!
Costume: Black Cat You will need -Eyeliner -Cat ears -A black dress -Dark Red OR Black Nail polish
-Draw a circle on your nose, and fill it in with the black eyeliner. -Draw 3 whiskers (With the same eyeliner) on each cheek. -Apply your cat ears! -Leave your hair DOWN. [Curl it if you want a 'cuter' look. :)] -Paint your nails!
AND WE ARE FINISHED! __________________________________________________________
A funny appetizer: You will need: -Your Favorite Dip -5 Carrots -Almond slices
1-Using a carrot skin scraper-off-er (Whatever its called), take all the carrot skin off.  2-Cut all five carrots at finger-looking lengths. then cut the tips at a slight angle. 3-Spoon the dip into a bowl 4-Hold an almond slice in one hand, and use a little of the rest of the dip that's still inside the container, and dap a little o…

DIY Carmel Popcorn

I just tried/made this recipe, and I am in love with it! I want you Madi-ators to LOVE it too, so here is the recipe!

You will need:
-10 Carmels
-A pots [small]
-popcorn kernals
-a stove
-A teaspoon of water
-a tiny slab of butter. (No bigger than your finger nail!)
-2 people (Unless you can do multiple things at the same time)

1. Have one person make the popcorn! (Look through my blog for the recipe!!!)
2. The other person needs to unwrap the 10 carmels and put them inside the small pot/pan. Add water and butter. Then stir.
3. Pour the liquid-y carmel sauce on the popcorn, while stirring.
4. Let sit for 5 minutes.
5. Then EAT!

I hoped you liked LOVED my recipe for Carmel Popcorn!

DIY 3D Water droplet nails!

I love the way water looks when its in small forms of droplets. That's why I got this idea of 3D water droplet nail art!

You will need:
-One bottle of solid nail polish (No glitter)
-Clear nail polish (You can use  a top coat nail polish)

1. Paint your nails 1 or 2 coats of the solid nail polish
2. Wait until dry
3. Use your clear nail polish and wipe of the extra polish so you don't ruin the look!
4. Use the brush and dab different sizes of drops on your nails. Water droplets are ALL different sizes!
5. Wait until dry
6. Seal with a top coat! (optional)