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DIY Lipstick Lip Picture-Art

Heyyyyyyy YOU! Today I'm going to show you how to make this really cute DIY Lip Picture-Art Picture! And the best part is that it turns out the way YOU want it!

All you'll need is:

-3 colored lipsticks of your choice
-A piece of white card-stock (a little thicker than paper but not as thick as cardboard)
-A photo frame... but if you use Green, Black, or Blue lipsticks, use a black frame.

1. Open a tube of one of the lipsticks and apply it to your lips.
2. Kiss the paper (Some with puckers and some natural ) until you are satisfied.
3. Wash off the left over lipstick on your lips.
4. Go back and do steps 1-3 with a different lipstick until the picture is to your liking!
5. Let the picture dry for 2 hours
6. Put the cardstock picture in the frame and hang it up in your room!!!

Tips for a better Lip Photo-Art Picture:

Overlap the lip kisses for a more artsy lookUse three colors of the same color group (ex: pink, purple, red) so you can ombre the art!
I hope you enjoyed thi…