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DIY Muscle Tee

Hey DIYers! Today's DIY is a DIY Muscle Tee! It's summer, which means you are probably working out to get a summer beach body, so you'll need some workout clothing! This is such an easy DIY, that you'll be making tons of workout tees! Let's get started!

1. Find an old t-shirt you don't wear often, or won't mind cutting up.
2. Using sharp scissors, start cutting the from the halfway mark of the shirt to the shoulders. You'll want the shirt to be shoulderless. If you start cutting the shirt below the halfway mark, the shirt will be more revealing, but it's your choice!
3. You're done!

The best way, in my opinion, is to wear muscle tees with colorful bandeaus, but if you're doing serious workouts, it might be better to have a sports-bra for more support.

Thanks for reading!
~DIY With Madi