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DIY TOLO Proposals

Hey DIYers! It's March which means TOLO, also known as Sadie Hawkins, is happening at most high schools! TOLO is a school dance where girls ask guys/whoever they want to ask (for example, I'm asking my best friend instead of a guy!) Today's DIY will show you 5 poster ideas for you to use. Let's get started!

For the gamer: This FortNite poster will give you a yes in under a second! So cute!
A post shared by Prom, Hoco, Sadies, & more! 💕💍 (@the.promposals) on Mar 23, 2018 at 4:31pm PDT
For the comedian: Sticky-note your date's car for a good laugh between the two of you. (Spell out TOLO instead of Homecoming though)

For the foodie: Everyone loves Chicken Nuggets, and this poster's pun (lucky nugget) would be perfect when asking out your date!

For the athlete: The best part about this poster is that TOLO has two O's, so you can draw your date's sport as replacements. For example, draw baseballs for the O's if he/she plays baseball, or tennis balls…