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DIY Mason-Jar Bank

Happy May! Today's tutorial is how to make a DIY Mason-Jar Bank, since we all know that summer is coming up, and you want to save up for that cute swimsuit you've been eyeing for the past week. I know- I know what you're thinking. You're thinking about the last time you used one of those bank containers to put your money in, which was probably yeeeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrssss ago. I actually still have mine from when I was a kid, and I still use it! (It just has like, $15 in it.) Since Mason-Jars have been super popular over the past year, why not make a Mason-Jar Bank?! Let's get started.

1. Go to your local craft store, and buy a Mason-Jar. (See pic below if you don't know what a Mason-Jar looks like.) Don't get one with a brand engraved inside.

2. Buy acrylic paints, washi tape, sharpies, whatever you want to decorate the jar. 3. Unscrew the lid from the jar. There should be a lid, and that little metal round thingy. WITH PARENTAL VISION, take a drill, and drill…