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DIY Collar for your Shirt

Hey DIYers,

I haven't done a fashion DIY in a while, so that's why today's DIY is a DIY Collar for your Shirt! What's cool about this collar is that if your shirt is plain af, you can put the collar on, and it makes your plain shirt into a collared cute shirt!

Things you'll need:
- A collared flannel or shirt (I recommend getting one from a thrift shop, because it'll be cheap!)
- Decorations for your collar, such as studs, sequins, etc.
- Scissors
- Hot glue (if needed)

1. With scissors, cut off the collar of the flannel or collared shirt, with the first button included! (See picture for example)
2. On the collar, glue your decorations on! However, if you use something like buttons to decorate, you will want to sew the buttons to the collar to make it to stay longer though.
3. You're done!
4. To make your shirt have a collar, unbutton the button on the collar, put the collar around your neck, and button it!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! So simple, so …