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DIY Soda Combos

Hello DIYers! I love soda even though its not the healthiest thing ever :) My favorite soda is Root-Beer. What's yours? I actually tried mixing different sodas at a dinner party I went to, and it was actually good! I've decided to make a DIY out of it since maybe you DIYers will like the taste too!

Here are some delicious-tasting soda combos!

Root-Beer & Fanta: This is the best combination! Its taste is very mild but noticeable, and it looks like actual beer, though it is a MUCH safer alternative than drinking actual alcohol. :)

Dr. Pepper & 7Up: This drink has a very strong taste. I'm not a big fan of Dr. Pepper, but this combination is fantastic! Since 7Up is clear, the color of this combo-drink is a barely lighter than Dr. Pepper. You can also use Sierra Mist instead of 7Up since I think they taste the same.

Classic Coca-Cola & Sanpellegrino Limonata: Even though Lemonade isn't a soda, this lemonade is! I have loved Sanpellegrino soda for the longest time …

DIY Donut Pops

Hello DIYers! Today's DIY is a DIY I came up with while eating a Maple Bar. (They are my fav!) It's DIY Donut Pops! These are like Cake Pops, but made of Donuts! Yum! Let's get started!

What you'll need:
-Donut Holes
-Melting Chocolates (It has to be Melting Chocolates since regular chocolate doesn't work. Try to look for some at craft stores- the best brand is Wilton Candy Melts. There are several colors of the Melting Chocolates, which is good if you are making the Donut Pops for a special occasion with a color trend. NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored DIY)
-Sprinkles (Optional)
-Lollipop Sticks
-Wax Paper

1. Melt the Melting Chocolates in a microwave in a microwave-safe bowl until fully melted. Melt as many as you think you will need; it really just depends on how many Donut-Pops you want to make.
2. While the melting chocolates are melting, put a lollipop stick through each Donut hole you plan to turn into a Donut Pop.
3. Once the Melting Chocolate is fully melted, t…