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DIY Nail Stickers/Decals

Hey DIYers!

Are you in a hurry, but have bare nails? Then this DIY is perfect for you! These DIY Nail Stickers will help you get out the door in a flash, with your nails looking "on fleek". :) Simply made of nail polish, these nail stickers are cheap, and fast. So, let's get started!

You will need:
- A plastic Ziploc bag (doesn't have to be Ziploc brand, but needs to be similar!)
- Any nail polish of your choice!
- A nail file
- A top coat
- Fingernail clippers

1. On a Ziploc bag, paint some shapes that you think will fit on your nails. It's okay if they are too long, but you need them to be wide enough for your nails!
2. Let the nail polish dry for 1 day on a flat surface.
3. The next day, carefully peel off the nail polish, and apply it to your nail.
4. Use fingernail clippers and cut of any excess nail polish.
5. File your nail a little bit so it's smooth and even.
6. Apply a top coat!
7. You're done!

Thank you for reading! I love this DIY becau…