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Showing posts from December 31, 2015

List of Accomplishments

Hey everybody, it's Madi from DIY With Madi. Today's post is not a DIY, but a list of accomplishments this blog has accomplished so far in 3 years! (This blog first launched in 2013.)

1. This blog has gotten 16k+ views.
2. The most viewed post on this blog is a DIY EOS Lip Balm post, posted in 2013, titled "Make your own EOS lip balm!". It has 6,399 views.
3. In 2015, I've made 25 DIY posts, not including this one.
4. Most of the blog's views are from the USA, but coming in at second place is Australia, and coming in at third place is Russia.
5. My most common traffic source (how people find my blog) is
6. My DIYs have been found on Pinterest, beadandcord, as well as other sites.
7. The most viewed page tab is "FASHION DIY's". It has 312 views.
8. My first post was posted on 8/12/13, titled "'Bow-Tie in the back' Shirt". It currently has 307 views.
9. The saying I created for my blog when it launched was "DIY w…