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DIY Chewing Gum

Hey DIYers! Unfortunely,  August is coming to an end. That means school is starting soon, for the most of us. Sigh.  At school, don't you hate it when all your friends ask you for gum?  Even people you're not friends with ask you for gum. And by sharing all that gum, you run out, and then have to buy more. That's why today's DIY is perfect for you.  It's DIY chewing gum! This way, you won't have to go out to the store and buy those expensive packs of gum. Let's get started!

You will need:
- 1/2-1 cup powdered sugar
- 1/3 cup base gum pellets
- 1 tablespoon powdered flavoring
- 2 tablespoons corn syrup
- Kitchen Supplies
- Small, microwavable container
- Waxed paper
- Wooden popsicle stick

1. Place 1/2 cup of powdered sugar onto a piece of waxed paper.

2. Place 1/3 cup of gum pellets into a small, microwaveable container.

3. Add in corn syrup and powdered flavoring.

4. (Adults or teenagers) Microwave the mixture in 10 second intervals, stirring in-between, until it…

DIY Eclipse Box

Hey DIYers! Are you hyped about the eclipse happening tomorrow? I know I am! It's really important to be safe during the eclipse though, because if you look directly at it, it'll damage your retinas. Eclipse glasses are nearly sold out, which is why today's DIY will help you view the eclipse with items you probably have around your home. It's a DIY Eclipse Viewing Box Projector! Let's get started.

Projector Using a BoxThis type of pinhole projector works on the same principle as a basic pinhole projector. However, the box makes this projector much sturdier and easier to set on a surface. And it only requires a few extra items to construct. You Will Need:a long cardboard box or tubescissorsduct tapealuminum foila pin or a thumbtacka sharp knife or paper cuttera sheet of white paperSteps:Cut a rectangular hole at the end of the box. You can tape 2 boxes together to make a long box. The longer the box, the larger the projected image.Using the scissors, cut out a piece o…

DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray for Beachy Waves

Hey everyone! Even though it's summer, I don't have access to a beach. It's actually quite sad because one of my favorite parts about swimming in the ocean is the effect it gives my hair- beachy waves! That's why today's DIY is perfect for people like me (without access to a beach): it's DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray that makes your hair form into beachy waves! Let's get started!

You'll need:
- A spray bottle
- Small bowl of warm water (not boiling but warmer than room temperature)
- 3 teaspoons of Sea Salt
- 1/4 teaspoon coconut oil
- 3 squirts of hair gel

1. Pour the salt into the bowl of warm water and stir.
2. Add in the coconut oil, and stir.
3. Add in the hair gel, and stir.
4. Carefully pour the mixture into the spray bottle.
5. Spray onto your hair for beachy waves!

You're done! I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial for DIY DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray for Beachy Waves! Stay tuned for more DIYs coming soon! -Madi from DIY With Madi