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DIY Ombre Nail Art Tool!

Okay girls, we all love painting our nails sometimes, am I correct? Though when we see designs such as polka dots or that amazing ombre effect, its hard to do it with the brush the nail polish comes with! Today I show you a DIY Ombre Nail Art Tool!

This DIY nail art tool is perfect if you want ombre nails, but don't want to spend too much money!
1. Buy a bottle of white out
2. You can either use up the white out so it's not to go to waste, or just take the brush and throw away the white out bottle. (did that make sense?)
3. Wipe the white out from the brush with a paper towel, and water it a little bit so that there isn't any white out left on the brush

You have your Ombre brush! Wasn't this easy?! See, you could do it with a makeup sponge, but those come in packs that actually cost a lot! White out only costs $1!  What would you rather buy?

Well, I hope you liked this DIY! I've tried the ombre effect with each tool, and I thought the DIY'd tool worked better si…


Everyone has been asking me what's a tumblr room? how do I get one? Tumblr Rooms are rooms obviously really popular on Tumblr, and are makeovers for your room to make them feel more cozy and Tumblr-ish. I'm going to give you 2 different DIY's you can do to make your room a Tumblr Room!


Almost all the tumblr bedrooms you see are famous for their glowing lights! To make these super cute latern strand of lights, all you'll need is

Amount of Clear Plastic Cups as there is lights Christmas LightsSharp Knife (ASK AN ADULT FOR HELP!)And last but not least, you guys know how much I love my Washi tape! 1. cover each plastic cup with washi tape but not inside! you can do it on the base of the cup but as shown below in the pic, I didn't. 2. Make a slit with your knife small enough for your Christmas light bulbs to go in but not come out  3. Put all the lights inside the cups! 4. Hang it over your bed or over a poster! You're done!