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DIY Lollipop Ghosts

BOO! Did I scare you?! It's almost October, which means it'll be Halloween soon! #YASSSSSSSSS. Halloween DIY's are so much fun, which is why today's post is DIY Lollipop Ghosts! These little boo's will surely make your boring lollipops look on fleek for Halloween!

What you'll need:
- White tulle (you can get it from your local craft store)
- Lollipops (preferably the regular sized ones, not the super tiny ones)
- Hot glue + hot glue gun
- Black construction paper
- Light-Taupe-ish nude-ish color yard

1. Take some white tulle and wrap it around the lollipop head (make sure the lollipop wrapper doesn't show). You might have to layer some tulle, and THEN put it on the lollipop head.
2. Tie the tulle together with the yard, right at the base of the lollipop head.
3. Cut out 2 small circles, and one bigger oval out of the black construction paper (per each lollipop ghost)
4. Hot glue the 2 smaller circles on the tulle (which is covering the lollipop head)…