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DIY Popsicle Garland (Made out of Hair Curlers!)

Hey DIYers! It's almost summer, which is the perfect time to host a party! To have a good party, you need good decor. That's why today's DIY is a DIY Popsicle Garland! The cool thing about this DIY is that you use hair curlers as the popsicles! I know- it looks sort of strange.... but its cheap, and really unique! Anyways... let's get started!

All you will need:
-Hair Curlers in several different colors
-Popsicle Sticks
-Hot Glue Gun

This is how to make ONE popsicle. Do these steps for as many popsicles as you want.
1. Put hot glue near the top of a popsicle stick (On the side, not tip)
2. Quickly slide it inside the hole of a hair curler, and press down and hold.
3. If you want to make a double popsicle, use the hot glue gun and glue two curlers together.

This is what you do after you've made all your popsicles.
4. Place the string near the top of the back of one popsicle
5. Tape the string in place
6. Tape the string to all the other popsicles, making…