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DIY Starbucks Christmas Tree Ornament!

Hey DIYers,
Today's DIY is a DIY Starbucks Christmas Tree Ornament! This Christmas Tree Ornament is perfect for anyone who loves Starbucks, and coffee.

What you'll need:
- Coffee Beans
- Clear Christmas Ball Ornament (Top must be able to come off!)
- Green sparkly stickers or green glitter glue
- Green ribbon
- Paper & Printer
- Hot glue + hot glue gun

1. Print out the Starbucks logo on a piece of paper, and cut it out.
2. Screw off the top of the clear Christmas Ball Ornament.
3. Fill it a little bit with coffee beans! (yummmmm)
4. Lightly fold the logo like a taco, and slip it inside the ornament. It should unfold as soon as it is in the ball.
5. Screw the top back on
6. Decorate the ball with green sparkly stickers or green glitter glue.
7. Hot glue a green ribbon onto the top.
8. Glue a ribbon loop to the top of the ornament so it can hang off a Christmas tree branch!

You're Done!
I hope you enjoyed this DIY Starbucks Christmas Tree Ornament. Stay tuned for …