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DIY Blended EOS!


Most of my views on this blog is my DIY EOS Lipbalm, so I decided to do another EOS DIY! Maybe you have 2 EOS that you adore, but don't have enough room for in a purse or backpack? Have you ever thought about.... combining the scents/flavors?! I don't have any pictures for this DIY to show you because THIS DIY WAS COMPLETELY MY IDEA (also I didn't have a camera to to take pictures with...)

All you need is:
-2 EOS lipbalms
-A Small Microwavable bowl
-A Microwave
-Plastic Wrap
-OPTIONAL: A match, lighter, etc.
-OPTIONAL: Vaseline

1. Before anything, twist one of the EOS caps/tops (whateva you wanna call them) and line the plastic wrap in the cap/top so when you pour the lipbalm, it takes the EOS shape!
2. So after you open both EOS spheres, use the knife to slice off the rounded top of the balm
3. Put them in the small bowl together, and put in microwave for as long until they're melte…

DIY Simple, Easy, and Edgy Slashed Leggings

Hey DIY-ers! So it's August (oh my GOD) and school is starting soon. If you aren't going major back to school shopping, but want to keep your cool with the clothes you wear, I have the perfect DIY for you! It's the DIY Slashed Leggings! This look totally revamps your style, and gives it an edgy look. It also looks good with girly dresses and combat boots, so keep that in mind! :)

You only need 2 things!
-Fabric Scissors (these are sharper than plain scissors...)
-A pair of leggings you want to style up and don't mind being cut

For the most common look:
1. Lay your leggings flat on a clean flat surface
2. Use your scissors to cut the outside sides of each leg of the leggings. The smaller the spaces between each slash lets your fabric cinch up a bit giving it a more edgy and sexier look. (See pic #1 for bad job; #2 for good) If you cut the strips REALLY close together leaving a small amount of fabric in between each slash, it will start to sort of curve, and not be as str…