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DIY With Madi (EOS SERIES) - Halloween With Madi - 3 Halloween Inspired EOS sphere!

Hey to all my DIY EOS Lipbalm fans! Today's post is starting my Halloween DIY's, but also continuing my DWM EOS series! Today I'm gonna show you how to make your EOS turn into a pumpkin, a mummy, and a Black Cat! NOTE THAT ALL OF THESE WERE MY IDEAS! IF YOU WANT TO USE MY IDEAS PLEASE CREDIT ME!
1. Halloween Pumpkin EOS
What you'll need:
-Tangerine EOS Lipbalm
-Black Sharpie
-Green Sharpie


Using your black sharpie, outline two triangles for the pumpkins eyes on the Tangerine EOS Sphere. Space them evenly, and color them in. This should be on the top half of your EOS sphere.Outline a mouth for your pumpkin in black sharpie. Color it in.Use your green sharpie, and draw a small circle on the top of the EOS Sphere. Then draw connecting lines that swirl around your EOS. Add leaves too. this represents the stem! -- 2. Mummy EOS What you'll need: -Vanilla Bean EOS Lipbalm -Black Sharpie -Small Googlie Eyes -Glue Gun
STEPS: Use your black sharpie, and lightly outline …