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DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes 2016

Hey DIYers! If you haven't come up with your halloween costume this year, this post is perfect for you. Today I'll be showing you 3 DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes. By Last-Minute, I mean Last Minute!!! These costumes are easy, and cheap. Let's get started!

1. An Avocado!
Who loves guacamole? Avocados? Well then this first costume is perfect for you!

You will need:
- A green shirt that's colored the same color as the "shell" of an avocado
- Light green felt
- Brown felt
- Safety pins
- Scissors

1. Using scissors, cut out an avocado shape with the light green felt. (See picture below for an example)
2. Using scissors, cut out a circle that's significantly smaller than the light green felt.
3. Attach the light green avocado shape to your shirt with safety pins.
4. Attach the brown felt to the center of the light green felt using safety pins.

You're done!

2. Snapchat Dog Filter
It wouldn't be Halloween without a little basic-ness! Sorry if …